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Medic claim health insurance is the best way to keep our families in the best of health in an affordable and easy manner. Family and health insurance assures the medical coverage of all family members included. This also includes the care facilities for illness and ailments that may be treated at the hospital, along with long-term custodial care or long time nursing.

Family and Health Insurance policies are now designed to also cover diagnosis, ICU care and lodging. People who have family and health insurance are now also exempt from paying taxes as stated in the Income Tax Act under section 80D.

One of the major developments in this area is the many family floater plans which are available to the people through many reputed health insurance companies. In a family floater plan the sum that you have insured remains fixed while the premium varies from time to time. The tax- saving benefits also included in this plan are changed according to the change in the premium being paid. In these times of rising insurance prices these floater plans make sure you have a very easy premium to pay off. Also they allow the whole family to insured under one single plan.

The family floater health insurance policies not only take responsibility for the surgeries and ailments but they also cover for urgent medical attention that may be required because of the acts of terrorism. The list or network of hospitals listed under your insurance company coverage will then in this case provide you with the Cashless Facility, where you can on the basis of your insurance get the necessary treatment on time. Several companies now offer an exceptional addition to the family floater health insurance plan, i.e. an uninterrupted coverage for two years with almost no or nominal change in the second year.

Before rushing into a health insurance make sure to go through several insurance plans and their rates and premiums to assure yourself that you are getting the best deal. And make sure to see if the insurance policy matches the needs and medical history of your family. There are also heavy discounts on premiums which are offered every year to you. Apart from that there is also a large monetary difference in the different plans, these insurance plans range from Premium to Exclusive and lastly standard, these special plans offered by a few companies vary in their rates and premiums.

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